Why You Should Use VIP Models for Private Parties & Events

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Looking forward to, looking your best for, and anticipating a social gathering or big event, only to be disappointed in the attendees, is something that has happened to all of us at least once or twice. Gentleman attending private parties, or even sitting in reserved sections at an exclusive nightclub have certain expectations of the women they will be surrounded by. However, life doesn’t always live up to our expectations and unfortunately neither do parties. In the case of it being your own party, you have control and can take action to prevent anyone from being disappointed with the women in attendance, and you can do this by hiring VIP models from an expensive agency.


Models and parties go together like sushi and wasabi, like pocket squares and tailored suit jackets. Step into any hotspot in cities from all over the world from London to New York City and the woman you see inside are a majority of models, women who look as though they could be models, and that’s about it. These gorgeous woman have a tendency to look like they should be sprawled about in modern versions of Renaissance paintings. They are having fun, they’re young, they’re beautiful, and they are completely care free within their element. That element of course, being private parties full of other beautiful people.


When you use VIP models for your parties, you are not only inviting several gorgeous women, you are inviting a certain mood. Fun, and positive energy are contagious, and they’re just about the only contagious things that anyone in their right mind would want to catch. No matter how high class your event may be, you want your guess to have fun, and a great way to do this is to make sure that you have people in attendance, like VIP models, who are fun, free, and find it easy to mingle with new people.


Birds of a feather truly do flock together. When events are known for having a bunch of normal looking and boring girls in attendance, not even a ton of normal guys will flock to attend. Perhaps that is not fair, but that’s the way it is. Physical beauty is a great representation for life. People like Marc Jacobs would not be borrowing large amounts of money to furnish their Parisian apartments with art, and he has, if this wasn’t true. When you have a message to get across about the way that you live and what you have earned, things like rare art, or European models become almost a necessity. Even the guest that you invite to your party will be of the highest caliber of the social elite, and they are not going out in hopes of hanging out with a bunch of drunk girls who think they’re good looking. They are going out knowing that the women around them will be absolutely gorgeous. You need to hire a group of VIP models, because they are a necessity to any private party or event that you want to be a success.


Little Known Facts About Casino’s – And Why They Matter


Something like little known casino facts can seem quite trivial, and in fact, some of these things would make great question for a trivia night. Still, as a connoisseur of great casinos around the world, and especially Europe, a man like yourself, should be familiar with these facts, and it definitely wouldn’t hurt you to know these things when making conversation with your VIP model escort, especially when the two of you are on your way to one of the magnificent casinos, or staying at one of the splendid casino resorts that Europe has to offer. And oh if your really looking for some VIP models you can always check here


Depending on who you are speaking with, France may be synonymous with fashion, the Eiffel Tower, art, wine and champagne in the countryside, the amazing film festival at Cannes, or the casino at Monte Carlo. While modern card games were originally conceptualized in China, the symbols such as hearts, spades, diamonds, and so on actually represented the social classes in France when the games made their way to the country. Blackjack was a favorite card game of Napoleon Bonaparte, back when it was only called “21”. These things are worth knowing, simply because, even some people who are familiar with Monte Carlo and what it is don’t tend to automatically associate or accredit France with their very basic contribution to a corner stone of casino gambling, and credit should always be given where it is due.


On the chance that anyone has ever called you a gambling addict, and judgement does tend to reign down on those who enjoy more than the occasional trip to the casino, here’s an interesting statistic worth taking note of. Exactly 5% of people who gamble become gambling addicts. Pretty good odds of you turning out ok, yes? A gambling addict is not someone who enjoys gambling. A gambling addict isn’t even someone who gambles a lot or tends to lose money when they gamble and go back in spite of it. A gambling addict is defined as a person who irresponsibly bets money in a way that negatively impacts themselves and those they love. To put it in layman’s terms, if you got it, flaunt it. Just don’t bet anything you’re not willing to lose. Another thing to keep in mind when someone tries to make you feel bad about gambling; former U.S. President Richard Nixon used funds that he earned playing poker as a sailor in WWII to fund his presidential election campaign in 1946, or so it has been said anyway. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to put your earnings to equally great use.


The dodgy element that sometimes surrounds gambling harkens back to the 18th century. Back then, someone would have been hired to swallow the dice in the event that there was a police raid; most gambling establishments were illegal after all. Casinos, are now looked at as a sort of Disney World for adults, and the statistics lean towards more people than not have visited casinos around the world.


There’s something to be said about being a powerful man and frequenting luxury casinos. According to a survey done by Inland Entertainment Corporation, 84% of all people who gamble are men. The Frank Sinatra image of men dressed up in tailored suits rings true, and this is a fine image to emulate in real life.













Discover Frankfurt: A Hidden Gem in Europe: Fast Cars, Blonde Supermodels and Sexy Nightlife

If you think that you know exactly what Frankfurt has to offer, who knows, you may be right. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t still a great location for traveling to with a beautiful, European model, and have the sort of fun time that can only be had in this particular German city.


The Automobil-Ausstellung is the world largest international auto show, and a number of London’s top VIP model escorts are available to travel with you and attend this unique and vast International Automobile Exhibition. There is Ciara, a pretty and unintimidating English escort, with dark features and a great little body. There is also Marika, a beautiful Polish escort, with sparkling green eyes and long blonde hair. She has a fit body, and she’ll fit right in in Frankfurt. Greta has the body of a supermodel, the type you’d expect to see gliding across a runway. She is a Lithuanian escort, she’s young, tall, and looks equally as great in lingerie as she does in an evening gown. Next up is Lidia, an attractive European model with blonde hair and blue eyes. This Polish escort is sure to impress, and satisfy.


Automobiles aren’t the only luxury possessions that get the spotlight in Frankfurt. Musikmesse is the world’s largest music festival, but not in the sense that may come to mind. Musikmesse is actually a leading trade fair for the music world, and is a premier destination for quality and innovative products used in the music business, anything you can think of from wind instruments, to studio equipment. The trade fair is widely appreciated by a much larger audience for its vast selection of workshops, concerts, performance and product demonstrations, as well as discussions from experts in the field which are heralded as big events.


There’s a fairly normal nightlife scene in Frankfurt with select locations rounding out as the best as far as international tourists are concerned. Jimmy’s Bar 1, is located at the Hessischer Hof Hotel, and is an American style piano bar that is quite popular with locals looking to have a good drink, and a pleasant time. Jimmy’s is a piano bar that draws a crowd of regulars, mostly consisting of business executives looking to have drinks after hours, and socialize. The place can get a little crowded but is an overall pleasant and highly recommended experience for all who have come before.


Dauth Schneider, is a bar that’ll make you feel like you’ve just journeyed into another time in Frankfurt’s history. Your approach to this destination includes a traverse down a cobblestone street, and into a 150 year old tavern cellar. Apfelwein, the traditional name for German apple wine, is traditionally pressed and served at this location each fall season.


Club Voltaire is a haven for the art lovers. Activists, poets, musicians, and other involved liberal types flock to this destination, which offers daily readings, as well as other literary and performance art events. Deeply filling, traditional German food is served here, along with an impressive selection of beer and apple wine, not exactly unexpected for Frankfurt. People here are open minded and welcoming, and the atmosphere is good for just about anyone.


Casablanca Bar is filled with plush leather seats, specially imported Moroccan lamps, and stimulating movie memorabilia. The Casablanca Bar is old time glamour in a contemporary German setting.


For something a little more modern and uptempo, head over to Kleinlaut & Braun. This nightclub is a sophisticated, and narrow space, filled with dancing patrons. Patrons who blissfully sway to the sounds of DJs playing a blend of pop, funk, and techno music. This is where the cool kids go to play in Frankfurt, and something tells me you’ll feel right at home here.


Strandperle is open only during the summer months. This space is an impressive riverbar with a notably sized patio. This is one of the most popular places to go for an afternoon or evening drink in Berlin when the weather is just right.


Luna Bar has been called the best cocktail bar in not just Berlin, but all of Germany, by an international publication. The space has a retro sophistication that makes it a hot spot, and favorite nightlife destination for locals and international visitors alike.


Cafe Bar is a great time, and a very popular bar. The drinks are well mixed, and the ambiance surpasses a mere satisfactory state. This place is great for socializing, getting to meet new people, or getting to know a person better in a relaxed and pleasant space. Delight in easy conversation with your gorgeous travel escort, and enjoy each others company while people watching, as this bar draws a fairly remarkable sized crowd.


Stattcafe, is very hip, very modern, and very now. It’s a cool place to be, and serves refreshing mixed drinks as well as beer and wine. It’s a great place to get a glimpse of Frankfurt’s trendy nightlife crowd, and also to lounge about after dinner while soaking in an interesting and luxurious atmosphere.

Behind the scenes in Sexy Copenhagen











Let’s talk about Copenhagen, and why it matters, because in the grand scope of things, it certainly does matter. Especially if the conversation is centered on adult friendly fun to be had. You and the beautiful VIP model that you book as a travel companion through a VIP Model escort agency will of course be looking to travel to destinations where in addition to taking in the local culture, you can have more than a little bit of risqué fun, and why not, you’re two consenting adults and you deserve a great time. So what does Copenhagen have to offer? More than you think.


If you’ve ever wanted to feel extraordinarily classy, while getting drunk enough to quickly find yourself getting unbelievably naughty, Copenhagen is no question the place for you. It was not always true that Copenhagen was flush with exceptional cocktail bars. The city has traditionally placed a huge emphasis on beer drinking, and it perhaps because of this that the long overdue cocktail craze has hit, and is taking the place by storm.


The best bartenders, or better yet the bartenders worthy of calling themselves mixologist, study the art of making drinks like an astrophysicist studies the stars. Emphasis is properly placed not only in making drinks that look appealing, but that taste amazing, using a myriad of ingredients. Seasonal cocktails are all the rage in Copenhagen, and surprising yet ideal ingredients like pistachios and Arabica beans are used to infuse the drinks with exceptional flavor that is just right for the chosen time of year. Understanding the importance of simplicity in cocktails is also a huge factor to be taken into account by the expert mixologist, and when it comes to the extremely popular traditional cocktails like Old Fashions, or Manhattans, it is absolutely crucial to know how far things like the appropriate bitters, or the right amount of cherry juice, real cherry juice that is and NOT grenadine, can take you. There are tons of available resources out there for learning and perfecting the drink making craft, from seminars to online videos, and the bartenders in Copenhagen are taking note, much to the approval of tourist, the international media, and the well to do locals.


Kirsten Holm is the creator of K Bar, which is widely considered the first proper cocktail bar in Copenhagen. K Bar remains a relevant hotspot, as well as Bar 7. Bar 7 is easy to be comfortable in as it looks like a cool friend’s downtown apartment, but don’t get too comfortable, that can wait until you and your VIP model escort find yourselves back in your luxury hotel.


Balthazar is a unique, art deco cocktail bar where you’ll likely see novice cocktail drinkers ordering the drinks they’ve learned about from the hit show Mad Men. Balthazar came about during a time where Copenhagen experienced a culinary boom, and locals began to enjoy nontraditional food and drink. The acceptance of cocktails, some infused with upscale champagne, fruits, herbs, and of course liqueurs, is a huge departure from the traditional Copenhagen mind set, and is not totally due to the popularity of the hit show Mad Men. There are Danes who have had and enjoyed cocktails in places like London or New York and experienced a sort of delighted shock that well-traveled people often do when they find themselves back home and coming across something they thought they would be leaving behind in the foreign land that they’d just been visiting.


Copenhagen is also capitalizing on the whisky market, creating whisky bars for whisky drinkers, and a central theme of all of these cocktail bars is atmosphere. Small, but hugely significant touches like Chesterfields, chandeliers, and comfy fireplaces make the bars in Copenhagen elegance incarnate. They even have speakeasy style bars.


Once you’ve had your fill of cocktails and the Copenhagen cocktail experience, it’s time for a little interactive burlesque fun. While traditionally, burlesque is largely a spectator sport, Copenhagen Burlesque is the place to go and actively participate in the performances. Copenhagen Burlesque has live music, dancing in stage and in the crowd, a feeling of loose inhibitions in the air, and a notion of being a part of living art.


Zoo Bar is another great nightlife destination. It’s not quite a bar and not quite a nightclub, but is known for its glamorous atmosphere, and featured high profile DJs. It also happens to be located in close proximity to Copenhagen’s most exclusive luxury shopping district, so you’ll want to revisit the area during daylight hours. The lighting at Zoo Bar is extraordinary and was designed by the extremely skilled, self-taught British lighting designer Tom Dixon.








Best Casino Hotels from London to the Italian Riviera

Best Casino Hotels from London to the Italian Riviera


Before getting into these amazing casino hotels, I want to make it clear that these are much more than nice hotels that happen to have a casino within their walls. These are casino resorts that provide the ultimate in luxury for you and your travel companion. The impeccable room or suite that you stay in, as well as the casino that you’ll be able to lose hours in as the spotlight is aimed solely at you and the European model beside you are only the beginning. Deciding to stay at any of these sprawling resorts is deciding to treat yourself to the very best. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to experience some of the best that Europe has to offer.


In the heart of London’s West End, bordered by the very elegant Mayfair, and the very young, and cool Soho, is the Cafe Royal. The interior of the hotel contains historic areas which have been gracefully restored, and of the 159 guest rooms and suites, six have some historical significance. The style of decor is described as modern yet refined, and all of the little details have been paid sufficient attention. Each room features luxurious Frette bed linen, a fully stocked Butler’s Pantry, Bang & Olufsen entertainment systems, and media hubs. As is standard with most luxury hotels in London, God bless London, a private butler and concierge service are available to guests.


This hotel, which has been featured on the Conde Nast Traveller, Hot List two times, as well as the Travel + Leisure, IT List, is known for its excellence when it comes to hospitality and dining. There are a total of six bars and restaurants, dedicated meeting and event centers, and a holistic well being center which opened in the summer of 2013.


To get into further detail on the bars and restaurants Ten Rooms, is the place to go for informal, all day dining. The Bar, serves absinthe as an homage to Oscar Wilde, who famously stayed as a guest at Cafe Royal, and the Grill Room is the hotel’s crowning glory as far as culinary experience is concerned. The decor is inspired by Louis XVI, and it is a great place to enjoy cocktails, champagne, and light food options. Cafe Royal is in the heart of London’s Theatre District, so although you’ll have easy, onsite access to fine dining, you’ll still want to leave the hotel to soak up the art and culture, if only for a while.



The next luxury casino resort you’ll want to consider as far as accommodations for you and your luxury travel escort is the Bonerowski Palace in Krakow, Poland. The resort is located in a refurbished UNESCO edifice of the Middle Ages, which has been restored and refurbished as meticulously as a great work of art. The place truly lives up to the palace title, and you will feel like royalty within it’s walls, royalty of a long time ago. The longest chandelier in all of Europe is located inside of this Polish resort, and the windows face out to St. Mary’s Basilica, Draper’s Hall, St. Wojciech’s Church, and the statue of Polish literary figure Adam Mickiewicz.


Our next, and last stop is high atop the rocky hills on the eastern Sicilian coast. The Grand Hotel Timeo has served as a favorite destination for the likes of Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor. The hotel was the very first to be built in the area and sits in the perfect location. Sweeping views of the coastline, and Mount Etna, as well as the Greek Theatre lay directly before you, and lush flora surround you. The Literary Terrace is absolutely beautiful and it is especially nice to think of the many fascinating guest who have stood there before you while you take in its great beauty.


The decor is unmistakably Italian, with balconies and terraces in most of the 70 rooms and suites. Stylistically, the rooms are quite Baroque, and guest can choose between the Presidential Suite with an expansive terrace, or the Villa Flora for extra privacy. Villa Flora is a country house situated 50 meters from the Timeo building.